We are the Artificial Intelligence in Animal Omics Sciences lab in Department of Animal Sciences at the University of Florida. Our primary research interest focuses on integrating high-dimensional heterogeneous -omics data to advance animal agriculture. One of our research topics is accommodating multi-omics data using machine learning, statistical modeling, and computational methods for genetic improvement in animals. Intrigued by precision livestock farming, we are also interested in applying computer vision to acquire high-throughput animal phenomics data (e.g., real-time activity) and using machine learning to incorporate the high-dimensional sensor data into our research.


Congratulations to our incoming Ph.D. student, Fan Zhao, on receiving the Grinter Fellowship! This fellowship is designed for recruiting and supporting exceptional graduate students.
Jin presented her first poster at the 2023 Future of Food Forum - Transforming Food Systems with Artificial Intelligence.
Yu Hu joined our lab as a research intern. Welcome!
Haipeng gave an invited talk in the Genomic Selection and Genome-Wide Association Studies session at the PAG 30 meeting.
Jin Wang joined our lab as the first Ph.D. student. Welcome, Jin!
Fan joined our lab as a research intern. Welcome to the team!
Our collaborative proposal Integrating High-Throughput Phenotyping into Genomic Evaluation to Advance Northern Quahogs Mercenaria mercenaria Breeding for program LIFT AI at UF was funded!
Our collaborative proposal Dissecting genetic controls of plant root and shoot architecture using AI methods was awarded by an internal grant program (LIFT AI) at UF!
Our paper Validation of the linear regression method to evaluate population accuracy and bias of predictions for non-linear models is up on bioRxiv!
Welcome Jin, who joined our lab as a research intern.

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